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We are the Brainnovations graduates first class of neurotech startups.

Israeli innovators offer new treatment solutions and digital assistance ideas for neurodegenerative diseases. read more…

Our project was selected to participate in the Brainnovation program held in Google Campus. In this program we will meet leading figures in industry, enterprise, andventure

capitals, tohelp develop and promote our project in drug design and development for treating CNS disorders.

IBT all

Here we go! (Right to Left – Prof. Hagit Eldar-Finkelman, Dr. Lilach Vaks, Dr. Limor Avrahami – At Google Campus)










Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the commercialization of Israel’s brain-related innovation and establish Israel as a leading international brain technology hub.

GYSS@one-north -global young scientists summit 2018. The GYSS@one-north is a gathering of young scientists and researchers (PhD students and post-docs) from all over the world, with eminent international science and technology leaders (‘speakers’) in Singapore.
Our representative Dr. Hila Shir Shapira with Prof Ada Yonath.


GYSS@one-north -global young scientists summit 2018.
Prof. Ada Yonath with our representative Dr. Hila Shir Shapira at the confrence.

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